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The Sopranos? Yellow cabs?

“A dead person? In a yellow cab? In the middle of New York? And his/her arm is hanging out! What happened? What’s that sticker? Oh, it’s just a fake body. That was funny.”

That’s basically how the producers and marketeers of The Sopranos, a television show about the mob, want you to see not only their campaign, but the show. The show itself is about a family of mobsters and their daily lives. It’s funny, witty and serious at the same time. So how to market something like that and attract attention? Because nowadays a television show doesn’t necessarily have to be good to get good ratings (i.e. Jersey Shore), but it needs a certain image to go with the name. Television shows have to become brand names.

And how do you create an image, a brand and recognition for something as complex as a television show? Because the classical ways of marketing might not work, a product can be marketed from a rather simple perspective, shoes need to be trendy, headphones need to produce good sound, but a television show is a service, and a particularly hard one to differentiate from other similar services.

In this case the marketeers of The Sopranos decided to do something that represents the show and shows consumers what the show stands for and what it’s about in a single funny experience. I’m referring to the first sentence in this post. What were you thinking when you saw this? Probably something similar to the first sentence. And in my opinion, that’s why this campaign is good. It gives consumers the urge to “at least try and watch the show once”.


Advertising, in the current day and age, especially for us in western countries, not a day goes by without being confronted with posters, emails, billboards and so on. But the more we see, the less we pay attention to it. People start building a resistance for the constant stream of commercials etcetera etcetera. And how could we not?  If we were to be influenced by every commercial we saw, we’d be broke every day of the month, including payday. So how do companies reach the customers they want to reach? How do they convince people that don’t want to be convinced? The answer is easier than it would seem, it’s simple, make something interesting! We’re tired of the constant same old stuff, yes, we know that this toothpaste will whiten our teeth, but so will the next 20 on the shelves. That’s why we have marketeers, promotional experts, basically people who specialize in creating promotional campaigns that WILL reach the target consumers. And that’s how marketing was born, and with marketing came guerrilla marketing, viral marketing, e-marketing, etcetera. If I were to say one thing, this part of capitalism is probably the best part of it. It’s free, it’s creative and it’s limitless. There are as much customers as there are human beings, and why not target them all?! Enough of my rant, I just want to say one thing, as long as it’s interesting, it’s worth it.

Written on 01-21-2011.
Published on 01-21-2011.


A video made by Swiss International Flights. This video shows how a guerrilla campaign used by aforementioned company was implemented.

As you could see, the car was covered in ‘snow’ while the weather actually sunny. By driving around in these ‘snow covered’ cars and parking them anywhere busy, they attracted a lot of attention.
When people see something out of the ordinary, they get curious. It’s human nature. So what would you do if you saw a snow covered car in the middle of summer? I’d take a look, just like most people would. Why? Because it’s interesting! And why wouldn’t you look?
With that thought in mind it’s easy to attract attention, just do something out of the ordinary! And this campaign is certainly successful in covering that.
You must also have noticed how certain parts of the car were clean, those are of course the parts that catch your interest. And that’s exactly what the company wants, they want you to read what’s in that clear spot.

This video basically explains the need that people have when seeing something out of the ordinary, curiosity, they want to know. And the entire goal of strategies like these is attracting that curiosity. To put it simply, this video might show us a simple and not extremely original guerrilla marketing campaign, but also shows you why and how these campaigns should go, and how to reach your goal (which is getting attention). In this case, I think they succeeded in reaching their goals.

Written on 01-17-2011.
Published on 01-21-2011.

Miele – Vacuum cleaners

Miele launched a campaign promoting their new line of vacuum cleaners. But this wasn’t just a simple campaign, they wanted to really show the difference in quality. Thus they came up with a new and innovative way to do this.

As you can see in the picture, it’s a freeway sign, located next to a major freeway these signs make sure the advertiser gets a lot of attention and impressions. This serves for increasing brand recognition and for promoting products. In this case, not just a single product, but the entire product group containing vacuum cleaners produced by Miele.

Because the current electronics market is flooded with new technology and a lot of different brands, it’s becoming harder and harder to differentiate yourself as a brand. With the constant renewal of products, it might even be better to promote the brand, not necessarily a single product.

Miele came up with the idea of using a simple freeway sign and with some additional attributes, transform it into a piece of marketing art. The message they’re trying to convey is simple, and in this case easily understandable. ‘The quality of Miele vacuum cleaners is so high, it can suck up an air balloon!’. The simpleness of the message, and the clean presentation of the sign makes it funny to see and easy to understand.

It’s a good way of strengthening your brand and grabbing attention.

Written on 01-16-2011.
Published on 01-21-2011.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International came up with a campaign to bring attention to the fact that thousands of people all across the world are being held prisoner in very bad conditions. They wanted to bring this fact to the general public. The message might be easy to convey, but when it comes to these sort of messages, the message alone might not be enough to convince people to help. Currently the mainstream public is confronted with good causes on a daily basis, ranging from poor people in Africa to clean water in the Middle East.
It’s becoming harder and harder to convince people to donate to a certain good cause.

This is one of the reasons why a campaign like this might work, people are tired of the unending stream of emails and pamphlets, so why not come up with something more original? That might be the reason why the entire guerrilla marketing concept came to be, but that means it applies to this case too.

So what did Amnesty International actually do?  They put actors to work in different places (for example; wells, containers, etc) with a sign that said ‘Thousands are held prisoner for their beliefs in places worse than this’. The places were usually very busy streets and something like this is bound to attract attention.
With that said, it did attract a lot of attention, not only offline, but also online. Photos were taken and put on different sites, these pictures spread around and not only people walking past these ‘attractions’ were able to see it anymore, but almost everyone in the world.
Although the message is simple, seeing horrible conditions and reading about them are very different things.

Written on 01-12-2011.
Published on 01-21-2011.