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The Shopping Boys

Since last fall Les Shoppen Boys are a marketing case in France. A bunch of men, wearing only red boxers act as models in Celio stores (a mens clothing chain), and help women choose clothes for their partners. If you’re not sure whether a t-shirt will fit your boyfriend, you pick a “Shoppen Boy” who looks the same size as your man, and he tries the t-shirt on for you.

Basically the Shoppen Boys are the commercial version of the Full Monty…

Now the action has gone further, cashing on the PR. They’ve launched a site to recruit the 12 Shoppen Boys who will appear in the Celio 2008 calendar. Becoming one of the them is not easy, as men have to prove their skills sending a video in which they dance wearing only the boxers and following the music of the official soundtrack.

This campaign has become very successful, with women becoming curious and visiting the stores it creates new clientèle, buzz and traffic online. With calenders being sold it has even become lucrative.
It’s even gone as far as having been on the news and other television shows. This is one of those campaigns of which can be said, success!

However, it’s not very creative if you start thinking back. Hasn’t this been done before? Isn’t this idea old? If you’re thinking that, you are right. Remember Abercrombie & Fitch? Of course you do, it’s that brand with the strange store-formula. Models walking in and around the store, looking great while helping customers, whether they’re in their briefs or walking around in the latest pair of Abercrombie jeans. I have a feeling this idea might’ve been stolen.

Written on 12-28-2010.
Published on 01-21-2011.


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