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T-Mobile – Talk Drop

From Germany, a tough challenge for those who love talking for hours and hours on their mobile. Organized by T-Mobile, the contest see teams of 2 people aged 18 to 25 constantly talk to each other, day and night. The team that shuts the talking for more than 10 seconds, is striked out. Every two hours, each participant gets a 10 minute break (eat/drink,toilet etc). The other talker has to continue talking to himself and if the team member doesn’t return on time, they are also striked out. The team that resists until the end wins 10 000 euro.

A very interesting way of attracting customers. The message this sends is very simple, you can call as much as you want with T-Mobile!

It’s basically turning a simple phone call into a tourney. But how can this be considered marketing? Very simple, because;
1. Participants create buzz.
2. It promotes T-Mobile as a brand.
3. It attracts young, competitive people.

Buzz is always good, and the more buzz, the better, unless it’s negative buzz of course. But that’s common knowledge, the problem is, how to create buzz within the right target audiences? Because a company can create a funny video, but if that only floats around between elderly women, but the target audience is young males, you’re doing something wrong.

This campaign doesn’t show any focus on a specific target audience, but it speaks for itself that only young people with time on their hands and that make a lot of use of their mobiles are attracted to tourneys like this. T-Mobile manages to find the correct target audience using a campaign like this, and that’s commendable.

Written on 01-05-2011.
Published on 01-21-2011.


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