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A video made by Swiss International Flights. This video shows how a guerrilla campaign used by aforementioned company was implemented.

As you could see, the car was covered in ‘snow’ while the weather actually sunny. By driving around in these ‘snow covered’ cars and parking them anywhere busy, they attracted a lot of attention.
When people see something out of the ordinary, they get curious. It’s human nature. So what would you do if you saw a snow covered car in the middle of summer? I’d take a look, just like most people would. Why? Because it’s interesting! And why wouldn’t you look?
With that thought in mind it’s easy to attract attention, just do something out of the ordinary! And this campaign is certainly successful in covering that.
You must also have noticed how certain parts of the car were clean, those are of course the parts that catch your interest. And that’s exactly what the company wants, they want you to read what’s in that clear spot.

This video basically explains the need that people have when seeing something out of the ordinary, curiosity, they want to know. And the entire goal of strategies like these is attracting that curiosity. To put it simply, this video might show us a simple and not extremely original guerrilla marketing campaign, but also shows you why and how these campaigns should go, and how to reach your goal (which is getting attention). In this case, I think they succeeded in reaching their goals.

Written on 01-17-2011.
Published on 01-21-2011.


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