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Sidewalks of Paris

A strong guerrilla campaign done in France by Médecins du Monde to get people’s attention on the drama of clochards sleeping and dying on the streets every winter because of the cold.
Copy says: Every winter, hundreds of homeless die on the sidewalks. React.
The agency is Euro RSCG C&O.

A very clear way of presenting a message is what this is. Making the street poles look like crosses definitely attracts attention. Although the presentation is not a very original idea, the usage (message) is.
The ‘crosses’ give the message a deeper feel, it’s not as simple as a poster with big letters on it saying HELP, it actually gives the reader the feeling that he/she is confronted with the actual scenario of someone dying in the cold somewhere on the street.

I think this strategy, albeit not very original, was used in the correct way. By deepening the feeling the message gives it forces ‘those feelings’ onto everyone reading it.

The location is also perfect, near a church where a lot of people cross. The church makes the message all the more heavy. Forcing one to think about life and death.

Written on 12-25-2010.
Published on 01-21-2011.


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