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Advertising, in the current day and age, especially for us in western countries, not a day goes by without being confronted with posters, emails, billboards and so on. But the more we see, the less we pay attention to it. People start building a resistance for the constant stream of commercials etcetera etcetera. And how could we not?  If we were to be influenced by every commercial we saw, we’d be broke every day of the month, including payday. So how do companies reach the customers they want to reach? How do they convince people that don’t want to be convinced? The answer is easier than it would seem, it’s simple, make something interesting! We’re tired of the constant same old stuff, yes, we know that this toothpaste will whiten our teeth, but so will the next 20 on the shelves. That’s why we have marketeers, promotional experts, basically people who specialize in creating promotional campaigns that WILL reach the target consumers. And that’s how marketing was born, and with marketing came guerrilla marketing, viral marketing, e-marketing, etcetera. If I were to say one thing, this part of capitalism is probably the best part of it. It’s free, it’s creative and it’s limitless. There are as much customers as there are human beings, and why not target them all?! Enough of my rant, I just want to say one thing, as long as it’s interesting, it’s worth it.

Written on 01-21-2011.
Published on 01-21-2011.


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