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I’ve to laugh a little before I can think straight. Hahaha, this is one very funny campaign, especially if you think about the location. This ‘art’ was made on some of the busiest streets in the Netherlands. Making normal street tiles look like condoms, it’s funny and creative.

Ribs or knobs? Which one do you prefer?

Well, it doesn’t really matter for Durex, they just want to sell them. And by creating a campaign like this even the shiest of people are confronted with condom usage, not only making people realize about the use of condoms, but automatically associating Durex with them.
It’s actually a very smart way to handle the target audience, by creating things like this, pictures being posted online, friends telling each other about ‘what’s painted on the ground over there’ is just the logical next step. Buzz.

But there’s no way this is legal, right? You can’t convince me that this is some kind of ‘removable paint’. Although very creative and effective, this mihgt not be a good idea for every company. Just slapping your name on every wall or street that has some open space is not a good idea, actually, according to almost every government in the Western countries, this is considered vandalism. I’d still do it though, because it’s just brilliant (I’m not advising you to do something like this, or at least, make sure you don’t get caught).

But to end this, :thumbsup: from me! Durex, please make sure to keep entertaining us with stuff like this in the future!

Written on 01-03-2011.
Published on 01-21-2011.


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