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Amnesty International

Amnesty International came up with a campaign to bring attention to the fact that thousands of people all across the world are being held prisoner in very bad conditions. They wanted to bring this fact to the general public. The message might be easy to convey, but when it comes to these sort of messages, the message alone might not be enough to convince people to help. Currently the mainstream public is confronted with good causes on a daily basis, ranging from poor people in Africa to clean water in the Middle East.
It’s becoming harder and harder to convince people to donate to a certain good cause.

This is one of the reasons why a campaign like this might work, people are tired of the unending stream of emails and pamphlets, so why not come up with something more original? That might be the reason why the entire guerrilla marketing concept came to be, but that means it applies to this case too.

So what did Amnesty International actually do?  They put actors to work in different places (for example; wells, containers, etc) with a sign that said ‘Thousands are held prisoner for their beliefs in places worse than this’. The places were usually very busy streets and something like this is bound to attract attention.
With that said, it did attract a lot of attention, not only offline, but also online. Photos were taken and put on different sites, these pictures spread around and not only people walking past these ‘attractions’ were able to see it anymore, but almost everyone in the world.
Although the message is simple, seeing horrible conditions and reading about them are very different things.

Written on 01-12-2011.
Published on 01-21-2011.


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